Turn Your Amazon FireTV into a Commodore Amiga

This tutorial will enable you to play your favorite Commodore Amiga games or run your favorite Amiga apps on your Amazon FireTV. It will take a little bit of off-roading to get it to work, but it won’t be difficult. Since you are going to be creating an Amiga, you will need a mouse & keyboard for UI (I recommend the Logitech k400 Keyboard that SamsClub sells anywhere from $10-$30). The FireTV game controllers work great with Amiga games. Pics of my playing Hybris with the FireTV and game controllers are below.

On your computer, download the uae4all Amiga Emulator from here.

The process we will be using is called “sideloading”. Sideloading is how developers test their apps on the FireTV.

Turn on Development Mode on your FireTV under settings (Settings>System>Developer Options>ADB debugging on & Apps from Unknown on)

Install the Android Development SDK Tools on your computer (not the FireTV). You can find them here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the SDK Tools package for your particular type of computer. The important part is the program ADB which moves your apps from your computer to your FireTV. You can find the adb tool in dir /platform-tools/ . The best thing to do is create and android directory on your computer and move the ADB program there. Put your amiga emulator .apk file and .adf disk files in the same directory. This will make your command line entries easier.

Make sure your FireTV is connected to your network. Get the IP of the FireTV. To do this go to settings>system>about>network and write down the ip address.

On your computer, open up a Terminal window and enter the directory containing adb (and the uae4all .apk and .adf files) and enter these commands

./adb kill-server
./adb start-server
./adb connect Your.FireTV.ip.address

You will see a message “connected to firetv.ip:5555”

You are now ready to install your amiga emulator.

./adb install -r uae4all2-sdl-

Now install the free app ES File Explorer on your FireTV with the same method so you can move your .rom and .adf files to their directories. You can get ES File Explorer here.

Your uae4all Amiga and ES File Explorer apps will appear in your Settings>Applications listing. They will not appear on the main screen shortcuts.

Next you send your Amiga rom file and .adf files with the command:

./adb push kick13.rom /sdcard/Android/data/pandora.uae4all.sdl/files/kickstarts
./adb push Workbench.adf /sdcard/Android/data/pandora.uae4all.sdl/files/roms

* you can find the kickstart .rom files from various places on the net. Google is your friend.
* roms directory is for .adf files.
* keep in mind that depending on the version, the pandora.uae4all.sdl directory name could change. Just drill down with ES File Explorer to confirm directory names if you have a problem.

You are all set, start the uae4all Amiga Emulator from your Settings>Applications and pick your .adf and .rom files. Happy Amiga 30th.

  1. I successfully set up this Amiga Android apk on my firetv box. I programmed and mapped joystick and mouse buttons to keys I prefer on my keyboard. I never tried game controllers, I just use my keyboard arrow and left ctrl keys.
    A few games I was not able to run, but what are some of your favorite games that you managed to run?
    Here’s what I’ve played so far with Amiga 500 presets kick13rom:

    Defender of the crown, Xenon, Night dawn, Emerald mine, all Lemmings series, Blood money, Nebulous, TVSportsBasketball, It came from the dessert, CrystallHammer, Backtofuture2, BabyJo, GreatGianniSisters, ShadowoftheBeast, Mind Walker, RocknRoll, Qbic, SpaceBattle, Zany Golf.

    So do you have any other classic favorites that played successfully on your firetv uae4all?

  2. Thank you for your Guide! I have successfully installed the AMIGA Emulator on the fire tv Stick.

    I think you have the faster Fire TV Box.
    For example Hybris can also played great on the Fire TV Stick, but the sound is very poor while the graphics and the speed is good to very good. (In almost every game of the sound is not good.)

    Is on the Fire TV Box any Sound Issues with the Game Hybris?

    Hard to believe that it is so long ago, as I have recently played a real Amiga .

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