I found my Holy Grail – Compute’s Apple Games for Kids (1985)

ApplegamestinyAfter a few years of looking I finally found a Compute’s Apple Games for Kids for a reasonable price. It may be the rarest of the Compute’s Apple II programming book series and until I found this one, I had never even seen the cover. No cover photos existed anywhere according to google. This makes a nice pre-Christmas gift from me to me for a whopping $4.95 from eBay. Amazon third party sellers had 4 copies for sale for $300 and up. They provided no cover pics so even if I were crazy enough to ┬ápurchase it, I would have had to hope they weren’t going to send me Compute’s C64 Games for Kids, or Compute’s TRS-80 Games for Kids (yes it has happened to me with a different book). So instead of dealing with dealers re-selling library books for $300, my eBay dream came true.